Cosmos and Psyche

Intimations of a New World View

by Richard Tarnas

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Richard Tarnas's earlier work 'The Passion of the Western Mind' was widely hailed as "a complete liberal education in a single volume". Astonishingly, it was written as a prelude to correlating the whole of that history, and purpose, of western civilisation, to the astrological movements which accompanied it - the subject of 'Cosmos and Psyche'. Based on no less than thirty years of meticulous research and data gathering, this book pulls of the remarkable feat of proceeding in such a way as to be entirely comprehensible to those with no prior knowledge of astrology, while deepening immensely the perspective of those who do have such prior knowledge. Like its predecessor, it is as engaging as it is scholarly. It may not be too great a claim to suggest that the two books together should have a place on any list of the most important books of the past century.

ISBN: 9780452288591
Publisher: Plume
Format: Paperback
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