Below is the archive of some of the articles we have published over the years:

Perspectives on Syria

A distinguishing feature of anthroposophy is that recognises that both good and evil exist in the spiritual realm, and that the latter exists explicitly to make authentic freedom possible. As Rudolf Steiner himself said “In order that on the one hand, what is good and right can come about, the possibility must be given to err from the right path and for poison to have its effect” … “there can be no pursuit of the light-filled spiritual life without the resistance that has to be permitted, without the possibility of resistance expressly for life´s higher spiritual levels”. read more

The War of All Against All

Anthroposophy posits that just as flood ended the Atlantean chapter of human evolution, our own era will be terminated by massive egoistic conflict. Although the signs of that are already visible in both international geo-politics and the increasing use of commerce and investment as a forms of warfare at all levels of society (survival of the fittest), its final culmination may yet be very far away - perhaps even thousands of years. read more

Re-Enlivening Society

Our last two newsletters have referred to great polarisations developing in the world between the forces of darkness and light. We have sketched how both have origins reaching very far into the past, how their interplay will continue far into the future, and how from an anthroposophical point of view the present time is an extra-ordinarily critical moment of choice and transformation. read more

Light in the Darkness

The Age of the Consciousness Soul (1414 – 3574) is the time more than any other in human evolution when we are cut off from our spiritual origins, from wholeness, from connectedness. There is a reason of course: so that self-consciousness and the potential for authentic freedom can arise. It is the time for overcoming the physical world, learning about it and mastering it, at both outer and inner levels. The former is the driver for science, sporting endeavor, the arts and other noble human activities, and the latter an opportunity to overcome materiality´s darkness and its potential for evil, which exists specifically as the foil against which such authentic freedom can be developed. read more

The age of the Conscious Soul

Let us begin by considering where we are – where we have reached in the long course of evolution and what level of overall development humanity has attained. Following the time frame of Rudolf Steiner, we have since the beginning of the 15th C (1413 AD) entered the age of the Conscious Soul which development will continue for a period of 2160 years to the year 3573 AD. read more