The Spirit of Modern India

Writings in Philosophy, Religion, and Culture

by Author Unknown

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This introduction to modern Indian thought establishes the historical context in which Indian thinkers of the past century developed their ideas, showing how those ideas comprise a coherent vision that is both Indian and contemporary. The Spirit of Modern India offers a full treatment of these ideas in an intelligible and concise approach and format. Despite a growing interest in Indian thought and life, the best writings of major twentieth-century thinkers have not been well presented within their cultural framework. This is the first single volume to offer such a wide representation of India’s experience and scholarship through traditional and contemporary strains as articulated by her greatest modern thinkers. The period designated “modern” refers to the remarkable century between the mid-1800s and the mid-1900s. The Spirit of Modern India includes writings by Sri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Tagore, Ghandi, Nehru, Radhakrisnan, and Sri Aurobindo. These writings are arranged according to each era of Indian thought and culture—philosophy, religion, ethics, education, esthetics, and national vision. Each is introduced to illuminate the material and put the selections into their historical and cultural context. A chronology lists important dates and works of major authors and dates related to Indian and Western intellectual history. A glossary of important names and terms makes the more technical selections readily accessible. The bibliography will guide the reader to further reading. The Spirit of Modern India provides a valuable service to those who wish to better understand India and it modern roots. 5¼ x 8 inches 336 pages Edited by Robert McDermott, and V. S. Naravane

ISBN: 9781584200840
Publisher: Lindisfarne Books
Format: unknown format

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