A Bell for Ursli

by Author Unknown

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A Bell for Ursli is a classic Swiss children's story, with pictures by award-winning Swiss illustrator Alois Carigiet. Ursli is a little boy who lives in the Swiss Alps. He must find a big cowbell so that he can lead the spring procession through his village, so he goes alone to his family's chalet high up in the mountains. There, he spends a lonely, scary night. Generations of Swiss children have grown up with Ursli but this is the first time his adventures have been widely available in English. Illustrated by Alois Carigiet; Selina Chönz Extent: 44 pages Size: 216 x 279 mm Illustrations: colour throughout Age Range: From 4 to 6 years

ISBN: 9780863156144
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: unknown format

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