What Is Biodynamics?

A Way to Heal and Revitalize the Earth

by Rudolf Steiner

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In 1924 - in response to questions about the depletion of soils and a general deterioration of crops and livestock - Rudolf Steiner gave eight lectures on “the spiritual foundations for a renewal of agriculture.” Based on his suggestions and spiritual science, generations of farmers, gardeners, viticulturist, and researchers developed biodynamics as a healing, nurturing, holistic, ecological, organic, and spiritual approach to a sustainable care of the Earth. What Is Biodynamics? collects seven seminal lectures - four on developing a spiritual perception of nature and three from his Agriculture Course, dealing with the preparations. Hugh Courtney of the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics contributes an informative, passionate, and visionary introduction.

ISBN: 9780880105408
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press
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