Agricultural Course

The birth of the Biodynamic Method

by Rudolf Steiner


When Rudolf Steiner gave these lectures 80 years ago, industrial farming was on the rise and organic methods were being replaced in the name of science, efficiency and technology. With the widespread alarm over the quality of food in recent years, and the growth of the organic movement and its mainstream acceptance, perceptions are changing. The qualitative aspect of food is once again on the agenda, and in this context Rudolf Steiner's only course on agriculture is critical to the current debate.

With these talks, Steiner created and launched 'biodynamic' farming - a specific form of agriculture which has come to be regarded as 'premium organic'. However, the agriculture Steiner speaks of in this book is much more than organic, and involves working with the cosmos, earth, and spiritual entities. To facilitate this, Steiner prescribes specific 'preparations' for the soil, as well as other distinct methods born from his profound understanding of the material as well as spiritual worlds. He presents a comprehensive picture of the complex dynamic relationships at work in nature and gives basic indications of the practical measures which are necessary for bringing them into full play.

These lectures are reprinted here in the 'classic' translation made by Rudolf Steiner's English interpreter George Adams. This edition also features a Preface by Steiner's colleague the medical doctor Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, as well as eight colour plates.

21st March 2011;

Trans: G. Adams;

Intro: E. Pfeiffer;

8 lectures, Koberwitz, 7-16 Jun 1924, GA 327;

Content: 176 pages;

Dimensions: 23.5 x 15.5 cm;

ISBN: 9781855841482
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press
Format: Paperback