Rethinking Economics

Lectures and Seminars on World Economics

by Rudolf Steiner


Rudolf Steiner gave this complex sequence of dense, subtle, multileveled lectures and seminars to students of economics in Dornach, Switzerland, during the summer of 1922. The course reflects a lifetime of thinking on the subject and marks the conclusion of his intense five-year period of activism in the service of social, political, and economic issues. Rethinking Economics is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the true nature of an economy and how it works. Steiner presents the basic elements of what it would take to create a just, socially responsible, and ecologically aware economy today.

Trans. P. Clemm (14 lectures & 6 seminars, Jul.-Aug. 1922, CWs 340 & 341);


21.5 x 14 cm;

ISBN: 9781621480495
Publisher: Steiner Books
Format: unknown format