Manifestations of Karma

by Rudolf Steiner

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Why do people have such differing events and circumstances to deal with in their lives? What are the meanings of diseases, illnesses, accidents and natural disasters? From his clairvoyant spiritual research, Rudolf Steiner speaks of karma, or destiny, as a reality - an actual scientific phenomenon which can and should be understood today. We create our own karma in all areas of existence, says Steiner, laying the foundation in one incarnation for the following one. We cannot seek for a complete pattern or meaning in one earthly life, but must begin to take into account many lives on earth. He indicates that although we may not be aware of particular causes, the knowlege that a resolution of our own self-induced karma is in process can help to bring both an acceptance and a sense of purpose into our present lives. Trans: rev. H. Hermann-Davey (11 lectures, Hamburg 16-28 May 1910, GA120);

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