From the History and Contents of the First Section of the Esoteric School 1904-1914

Letters, Documents and Lectures

by Rudolf Steiner

This volume is an important text for anyone interested in the development of Rudolf Steiner's teaching and for those wishing to explore the advice and admonitions Steiner provided for his early esoteric students. This collection of letters, circulars, and lectures offers a glimpse of the birth of the anthroposophic movement from the German section of the Theosophical Society of the late nineteenth century. One gains a clear picture as to why Steiner could no longer work within the theosophic framework, as well as the events that led to the split between the Theosophical Society under the leadership of Annie Besant and the Esoteric School under Steiner's guidance and leadership. Primarily in the form of letters, here are the specific exercises and advice that Steiner gave to pupils who wished to further their spiritual capacities. Also included are his early lectures and teachings concerning the 'Masters' and their relationship to human evolution. German source: Zur Geschichte und aus den Inhalten der ersten Abteilung der Esoterischen Schule, 1904-1914. Translation: J. Wood (GA 264); Content: 464pages; Dimensions: 23.5 x 15cm;

ISBN: 9780880106405
Publisher: Steiner Books
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