At Home in the Universe

Exploring Our Suprasensory Nature

by Rudolf Steiner


Previously published as 'Supersensible Man'. Modern science tells us that we are an insignificant accident in a vast, indifferent universe. Rudolf Steiner maintains instead that we are intimately enmeshed with the whole cosmos, right down to the physical structure of our bodies. In these talks, he explores our relationship as individuals to the spiritual cosmos. The key to being at home in the universe is to comprehend the significance of our individual, physical lives on Earth and what happens when we leave our physical bodies behind. Steiner encapsulates his view of our journey after death and our return to Earth and a new life. He describes the "planetary" spheres through which we each pass and their effects on our future. He shows us how our character and actions on Earth affect us after we die and how those experiences shape our next physical life.

ISBN: 9780880104739
Publisher: Anthroposophic Press
Format: Paperback