A Child is Born

A Natural Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood

by Wilhelm zur Linden


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Prospective parents are faced today with a huge selection of guidebooks on pregnancy, birth and early childhood. While many of these offer sensible advice and information, Dr zur Linden's long-established natural care book offers an important additional dimension. In clear and accessible language, he explains what the newborn baby and small child need to unfold harmoniously the full potential of body, soul and spirit. Based on this broad perspective, he offers many practical suggestions. Beginning with the growing embryo in the mother's womb, the author guides us through the birth; the post-natal period and breastfeeding; caring for the newborn baby; how and what to feed your baby; and caring for a sick child (acute and chronic illness as well as childhood illnesses). He also adds useful sections on bottle feeding, almond milk, and water quality. This new edition features many new additions on questions such as contraception, drugs, the father's presence at the birth, thumb-sucking, where the infant should sleep, cot death, overheating, and so on. Dr zur Linden's commentary on these issues is the fruit of a lifetime's experience as a paediatrician and general practitioner. Parents will find his indications for proper care, nutrition and upbringing a constant source of support.


ISBN: 9781855841925
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press
Format: Paperback