Karma in Human Life

As received through spirit guides

by Bob Woodward


Whilst the concept of karma is derived from ancient Eastern religious tradition, the word is very much part of contemporary vocabulary. We speak of karma in the sense of individuals getting ‘what they deserve’ – usually in a negative sense. But is karma a retributive law or is it based on healing and love?

In his latest thought-provoking work, Dr Bob Woodward investigates such issues in conversation with his spirit guides. Beginning with the most basic question, ‘What is karma?’, they discuss how this law of destiny relates to illness, human freedom, relationships and individual development – but also to major crises on the world stage, such as the coronavirus pandemic, wars and conflict, global warming and climate change. They also examine how such key matters might relate to ‘world karma’ rather than personal destiny.

Bob’s spiritual guides speak of the law of karma as being, ‘…filled with compassion. It is not a law which makes people or beings subservient to some almighty and dictatorial power. It is a law which is generated by love itself, and is there to bring order, recompense and compassion to all beings and their mutual relationships.’ Karma in Human Life offers answers to many puzzles and enigmas relating to modern-day life on earth.

ISBN: 9781912992409
Publisher: Clairview Books
Format: Paperback

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