What Are We Really Eating?

Practical Aspects of Nutrition from the Perspective of Spiritual Science

by Otto Wolff

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Scientific investigation of nuturition and diet and increasingly industrial food production have made people feel unsure about which foods are really wholesome today. Vast numbers of details are known, but industrial processing is causing the essential nature of foods to be progressively lost. Otto Wolff's aim is to enable consumers to form their own opinion about the food they eat.

He takes guidance from the principle stated by Angelus Silesius: "The bread does not feed us; what feeds us in the bread is God's eternal word, life and spirit." Dr Wolff seeks to show that it is not the physical substances as such which feed us but the power of life which comes with them. The knowledge that life is transformed light has been lost in modern agriculture. Looking at foods in the way in which it is also done in biodynamic agriculture can help us gain real insight and understanding of food quality.

Topics include raw food diet, milk products, fats, sugar and meat. Whichever it may be, we know more about the value of a food once we have read the chapter, and are better able to form an opinion on what is becoming more and more of a burning question - the quality of the food we eat.


ISBN: 9780929979885
Publisher: Mercury Press
Format: Paperback