Gnosis, the Mysteries and Christianity

An Anthology of Essene, Gnostic and Christian Writings

by Andrew Welburn

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Modern Christianity has been subjected to many re-interpretations which seek to remove elements of mythology and to 'de-mystify' its traditions. But there is also a parallel development in which a strong current of renewal finds inspiration from the spirit and essential character of the early Churches. The texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi, and more recent research on ancient documents, have thrown an unexpected light on the roots and emerging faith of the first Christians. Fresh insights into these texts reveal that the early Christians drew inspiration from a number of sources, such as the Judaic mystery tradition, the Essenes and other gnostic sects.

Andrew Welburn presents a selection of the most important early texts, together with an authoritative and fascinating commentary. He shows how the new insights gained into the writings of the early Christian reaffirm the fundamental mysteries at the heart of Christianity.

ISBN: 9780863151835
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Hardback

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