Esoteric Studies

The Michael Impulse

by Ita Wegman


"May all those who have the strength and courage, not only to bring the Michael-thought to manifestation in their souls but to make it living in their deeds, become true servants of Michael and bring about his victory, and thus lead mankind over the great crisis with which it is now confronted."
Ita Wegman

Following the death of the Austrian philosopher and spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner in 1925, Ita Wegman - one of his closest esoteric pupils - began to publish regular letters to the members of the Anthroposophical Society. In Steiner's tradition, these letters were appended with 'leading thoughts' (or guiding principles). Esoteric Studies collects many of these 'letters to friends', together with various articles, reports and addresses by Ita Wegman on subjects such as the Christmas Foundation Conference, the Goetheanum building and the festival of Michaelmas. Featuring an informative foreword by Crispian Villeneuve and a commemorative study by George Adams, this book provides a fine introduction to the work of Ita Wegman, as well as a rousing call for courage and wakefulness in the spirit of the Archangel Michael!

"After Rudolf Steiner's death, she remained filled with the great impulses of the Christmas Foundation Meeting - impulses, hopes, also anxieties on behalf of mankind, which he had shared with her in many an intimate conversation."
George Adams on Ita Wegman

ISBN: 9781906999476
Publisher: Temple Lodge
Format: Paperback

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