Design Energetics

The Ancient Pulse of Feng Shui in the Modern World

by Michael Warden


Whether you’re working, relaxing or playing, the environment you’re in almost certainly has a huge part to play in how happy, productive, or energised you feel. On this, Rudolf Steiner, present day architectural researcher Christopher Alexander and the ancient art and science of Feng Shui share common ground – they have in common the central belief that the lives of buildings and the lives of their occupants are inextricably entwined: the belief even, that the wider practice of environmental design shapes the dynamics and evolution of whole societies. Steiner himself said that any problem could and should be looked at from many different perspectives. Michael Warden, long time student of anthroposophy, feng shui and of environmental design, has spent 18 years exploring how environments affect our lives, in theory and in practice, and through disciplines both Eastern and Western. In his groundbreaking book, Design Energetics: The Ancient Pulse of Feng Shui in the Modern World, he compares and contrasts different perspectives, brings together scientific evidence for the idea of how people and places affect each other and ultimately draws out a perspective richer and more interesting than any single perspective alone. Featuring lavish photographs and astonishing case studies, Design Energetics will inpspire you with a new vision of how we must revision our relationship with our surroundings in order to create balance in our own lives and in the world.

ISBN: 9780954635602
Publisher: Meridian
Format: Hardback