Astronomy and Spiritual Science

The Astronomical Letters of Elizabeth Vreede

by Elizabeth Vreede


(previously published as Anthroposophy and Astrology) Astronomy and Spiritual Science collects writings on astronomy by Dr. Elizabeth Vreede and is a fascinating compendium of scientific and spiritual knowledge. Between September 1927 and August 1930, Dr. Vreede wrote a monthly “letter”, available by subscription, about both modern astronomy and classical astrology in the light of spiritual science. These letters include clear explanations of the fundamentals of astronomy and discussions of the role of astrology in the modern world. They also include inspiring presentations of a worldview that sees the stars, planets, and in fact all physical phenomena as manifestations of spiritual beings and spiritual activities.

Among the many topics Dr. Vreede considers are the role of nutation, precession, and other movements of the Earth in human evolution and life; the comets; the relations of the heavenly bodies to spiritual beings; horoscopes; solar and lunar eclipses; and the deeper meaning of the Christian holidays such as Easter and Whitsun.

“A most intriguing study, particularly for faithful astrology followers... a unique and invaluable addition to metaphysical studies reading lists and reference collections.”
Midwest Book Review


  • Foreword by Norman Davidson
  • Introduction
  • YEAR ONE September 1927–August 1928
    • Letter 1 Astronomy and Anthroposophy
    • Letter 2 Concerning Rhythms and Constellations
    • Letter 3 On the Diurnal Movement of the Stars
    • Letter 4 The Annual Movement of the Sun
    • Letter 5 On the Annual Movement of the Sun and Stars
    • Letter 6 Concerning Our Planetary System
    • Letter 7 Concerning the Movements of Venus and Mercury: The Easter Festival
    • Letter 8 More About the Planetary World
    • Letter 9 Eclipses of the Sun and Moon: Whitsuntide [Pentecost]
    • Letter 10 More About Eclipses: The Saros Period
    • Letter 11 The Precession of the Equinoxes
    • Letter 12 More About the Precession of the Equinoxes: Nutation
  • YEAR TWO September 1928 –August 1929
    • Letter 1 When Mercury Stood in Libra: The Writing of the Stars
    • Letter 2 The Nature of Astrology
    • Letter 3 More About Astrology in the Light of Spiritual Science
    • Letter 4 Isis-Sophia
    • Letters 5-7 The Life Between Death and Rebirth in the Light of Astrology
    • Letter 8 The Horoscope
    • Letter 9 The Future of Astrology: The Life of Christ Viewed in Terms of Astrology
    • Letters 10-11 Comets
    • Letter 12 Comets III: Shooting Stars and Meteors
  • YEAR THREE September 1929 –August 1930
    • Letter 1 Comets IV: Shooting Stars and Meteors—Cosmic Iron
    • Letter 2 The World of the Stars I: Planets and Fixed Stars
    • Letter 3 The World of the Stars II: The Spiritual Beings in the Stars
    • Letter 4 The World of the Stars III: The Human Being and the Stars
    • Letter 5 The World of the Stars IV: Plants and Stars
    • Letter 6 The World of the Stars V: Nebulae
    • Letter 7 The World of the Stars VI: Nebulae and Variable Stars
    • Letter 8 The World of the Stars VII: New Stars
    • Letter 9 The Copernican System
    • Letter 10 Copernicus, Kepler, and Their Systems: The Movement of the Apsides I
    • Letter 11 The Movement of the Apsides II: Glacial Epochs
    • Letter 12 The World Ages
  • Notes on the Text
  • Index


ISBN: 9780880105880
Publisher: Steiner Books
Format: Paperback