Peter and Anneli's Journey to the Moon

by Gerdt Bernhard von Bassewitz

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This classic German children's tale of imaginative fantasy and adventure tells the story of how Peter and Anneli help Mr. Zoomzeman, a June Bug, bring his leg back from the Moon. Long ago, a thief - stealing wood in the forest - had accidentally cut off Mr. Zoomzeman's great-great grandfather's leg and was banished to the Moon. Unfortunately, he took the leg with him and, since then, the family of the Zoomzemans have all had only five legs. Only "two good children" can get the leg back, so Mr. Zoomzeman, in search of goodness, finds Peter and Anneli. The three set off together on an astonishing journey filled with marvelous encounters, fantastic beings, and exciting events. Finally, reaching the Moon, they must challenge the ferocious Moon Man and, with the help of the Nature Forces, they restore the missing leg to Mr. Zoomzeman.

Illustrator: Hans Baluschek (1870 - 1935) is, in fact, much better known than the author of Peter and Anneli's Journey to the Moon. A painter and graphic artist, he was a member of the Berlin Secession Movement with Max Liebermann and Käthe Kollwitz. As a socialist, he designed many posters and postcards, as well as being a respected painter. He was denounced by the Nazis as a “degenerate artist”.

ISBN: 9780880105842
Publisher: Anthroposophic Press
Format: Hardback
Dimensions: 20.6 x 25.7 x 1.5cm
Weight: 590 grammes