Hidden Dimensions of Christianity

by Arthur Versluis

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At a time when the religions of the world are meeting on a spiritual level and in a global context, it is crucial that the Christian West rediscovers its often forgotten inner or spiritual wisdom. In this book the author traces a long-hidden esoteric stream in Christianity. Examining the Catholic mysticism of Tauler and Eckhart, the Eastern Orthodox tradition of the "Philokalia" and the Sophianic lineage of Jacob Bohme he shows that all three major branches of Christianity have within them inter-related esoteric traditions. Theosophia discovers a religion of the Holy Spirit at the heart of Christianity, a powerful gnostic spirituality based upon love and the possibility of imaginal encounters with angels and other divine beings. Based upon many authors never before translated into English and on numerous long-unpublished manuscripts Theosophia reveals aspects of our spiritual heritage that speak directly to the present social, ecological and religious crises of the modern world.

Extent: 224 pages

Size: 220 x 140 mm

ISBN: 9780940262645
Publisher: Lindisfarne Books
Format: Paperback