Science Between Space And Counterspace

Exploring the Significance of Negative Space

by Nick Thomas


The scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner discovered that besides 'ordinary' space there is 'negative' space, or 'counterspace', which relates to a holistic conception of the world. Steiner suggested that it was important to understand counterspace as a necessary supplement to the conventional approach. His colleague George Adams found a way of describing counterspace through mathematics. This book seeks to relate the phenomena of our world to both space and counterspace, in order to lead to a new scientific understanding. If counterspace is real, then the resulting interplay between it and 'ordinary' space must be significant. This concept is applied to gravity, liquids, gases, heat, light, chemistry and life. Each aspect is a separate investigation, but the various threads begin to weave into a unified whole. A new concept of time, and indications for a new approach to relativity and quantum physics begin to emerge. The results presented in this book are part of a 'work-in-progress', shared by others around the world, involving a new scientific consciousness. It attempts to approach a spiritual understanding without surrendering scientific and mathematical rigour. NOTE: This book contains advanced mathematical and scientific proofs which are likely to be too difficult for the general reader. 192pp; 23.5 x 15.5 cm;

ISBN: 9781902636023
Publisher: Temple Lodge
Format: unknown format

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