Pull the Other One!

String games and stories, book 1

by Michael Taylor


Played all over the world, string games are known by those names which reflect the cultures they stem from. Songs are often sung as the string figures develop, becoming entwined and part of each story.

“Ancient civilisations wove the wisdom of their cultures into their string games. In Michael Taylor’s stories these figures spring to life again, bestowing our children with what they may most need … the spark of imagination.”
Jaimen McMillan, Spatial Dynamics, New York and Stuttgart

This well-travelled and entertaining series of tales is accompanied by clear instructions and explanatory diagrams – guaranteed not to tie you in knots and will teach you tricks with which to dazzle your friends!

“A practical and entertaining guide, which pulls together a wealth of ideas from different cultures and revives a forgotten art. I think parents as well as children will enjoy this book.”
Sheila Munro, parenting author

With something for everyone, these ingenious tricks and tales are developed and taught with utter simplicity, making them suitable from age 5 upwards.

“When we go wrong playing Cat’s Cradle, we call it Dog’s Cradle!”
Megan Gain, aged 6, London

ISBN: 9781869890490
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Format: Paperback

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