Fairy Worlds and Workers

A Natural History of Fairyland

by Marjorie Spock

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The Middle Kingdom! Various times and peoples have given it different names. To some it was Paradise, to others Tir-nan-Og; Arthurian Avalon; Fairyland; the World of Immortal Youth; the Land of Heart's Desire. Where exactly is that country? Well, if God's is the world of creative power and ours the world of created objects, the fairy world is the land of life that lies between them, serving as the bridge for their interaction. The fairyland and its denizens have long been the concern of poets, painters, and storytellers. Not only are these beings charged with the maintenance of Nature's household but with her evolutionary plans as well. Our recognition of them and their work helps their efforts prosper and helps the earth be carried forward in its evolution. Marjorie Spock draws aside the veil obscuring the life of the Little People and makes their magic world come alive for us.

Included are colour paintings of the four races of Little People:
Undines (water spirits), Gnomes (earth spirits), Sylphs (air spirits), and Fire-Spirits.

This is a delightful and engaging book!

ISBN: 9781621480259
Publisher: Steiner Books
Format: Paperback
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