The Path of the Soul After Death

The Community of the Living and the Dead as Witnessed by Rudolf Steiner in His Eulogies and Farewell Addresses

by Peter Selg


Rudolf Steiner saw relationships with the dead as the 'religious attitude of the future', in the highest sense. Becoming comfortable with thinking and speaking of the dead as concretely as we speak of the living will profoundly affect human activity. To Steiner, the 'enlivening' and even the 'sanctification' of earthly existence are not merely connected directly with our relationship to death and to the deceased; in fact, that relationship deepens these qualities and makes them possible. Steiner spoke frequently about death and the human soul's continued existence, as well as about the importance of establishing a new kind of community that unites spiritually active human souls that endure beyond death.

Selg shows how Rudolf Steiner commemorated the dead, the words he chose to use, and his descriptions - sometimes in great detail - of the inner processes involved. The Path of the Soul after Death is an important addition to the body of anthroposophic literature on our relationship on Earth to those who have died. Peter Selg does a great service in gathering and amplifying much of what Steiner had to say on the subject.

ISBN: 9780880107242
Publisher: Steiner Books
Format: Paperback

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