Seeing, Experiencing, Understanding

by Ueli Seiler-Hugova

- experimenting with the refraction of light through a prism - setting out a colour circle with flowers - building a rainbow instrument - experiencing darkness with the senses Beginning with simple sensory experiences and experiments, the author leads us to an understanding of colours, rainbows and colour circles (as created by J. W. Goethe, Rudolf Steiner and Harald Kļæ½ppers). He gives simple but vivid explanations of the basic colours, the complementary colours, and the mystery of coloured shadows. He also gives a commentary on the psychology and mythology of colours, and demonstrates connections between them, the planets and the signs of the zodiac. Colour is a delightfully illustrated introduction to the world of colours. Packed with full colour pictures, it leads from perception to understanding, and from experience to practice.

This book is ideal for parents, teachers and anyone seeking to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the phenomenon of colour.

ISBN: 9781906999230
Publisher: Temple Lodge
Format: Hardback
Dimensions: 17 x 24.6 x 1.4cm
Weight: 544 grammes