Water Crystals

Making the Quality of Water Visible

by Andreas Schulz

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  • Quality of water is a major issue for the twenty-first century¬†
  • Shows how different types of water have different characteristics¬†
  • Makes water properties visible through beautiful crystal photographs

The quality of our water, especially our drinking water, is becoming an increasingly important issue. In this book, Andreas Schulz uses a ground-breaking photographic process to make the quality of different types of water instantly visible to the non-specialist.

Through his crystal pictures, he demonstrates that water from different locations, treated in different ways, has substantially different characteristics. Mountain spring water has a different quality from water found in a metropolitan system, or in an old well, for example. Water is affected by whether it flows freely, or is channelled through straight pipes.

Using water samples from many parts of the world, this remarkable and beautiful book provides a unique insight into the world of water, its life cycles, its nature and structures.

ISBN: 9780863154867
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback