The Essentials of Nutrition

by Gerhard Schmidt


Torn between the one-sided materialistic way of looking at nutrition and the ancient nutritional traditions from the Far East, we have to develop sound judgment so that our "daily nutritional practices are in accord with the Spirit."

Beginning with milk, a universal foodstuff, Dr. Schmidt discusses protein, the carrier of the vital activity of the formative force; fats and oils, the stimulators of warmth and the inner intensification of the soul; carbohydrates, the mediators of form and consciousness; and the minerals, the earthly support of human Ego-organization.  He shows how we can free ourselves from "vitamin thinking" and replace it with a dynamic method of looking at nutrition.

This book, a sequel to The Dynamics of Nutrition, is a valuable, challenging contribution toward "a realistic striving for health."

ISBN: 9780938250227
Publisher: Steiner Books
Format: Paperback

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