Biodynamic Agriculture

by Willy Schilthuis

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A newly revised edition Biodynamics is an internationally recognized approach to organic agriculture in which the farmer or gardener respects and works with the spiritual dimension of the earth’s environment.

In a world where conventional agricultural methods threaten the environment, biodynamic farms and gardens are designed to have a sound ecological balance. This concise and fully illustrated book presents evidence that biodynamic crops put down deeper roots, show strong resistance to disease and have better keeping qualities than conventionally produced crops.

'Explains the background of the organic view of agriculture and environment. Surely the best introduction available.'
Scientific and Medical Network Review, Winter 2003

Table of Contents

1. Agriculture and the environment 
Intensive livestock farming 
The role of nitrogen 
Herbicides and pesticides 
The landscape 
Water pollution 
2. The Earth, a living organism 
The plant world 
What is life? 
The soil 
The farming cycle 
Biodynamic preparations 
The farmer and the farm organism 
3. Biodynamics: a brief history 
Agricultural problems in the nineteenth century 
Movements for biological agriculture 
Rudolf Steiner and the Agricultural Course 
The search for quality 
A new start 
An international movement: Producers and consumers; Research; Advisory services; Education and study 
4. Practical biodynamics 
The mixed farm 
Manure and compost handling 
The biodynamic compost preparations 
Animal husbandry: Chickens; Cattle; Pigs; The sick animal 
Arable farming and vegetable cultivation 
The biodynamic spray preparations 
Soil cultivation 
Fruit cultivation 
Rhythms of sowing and planting 
The landscape and conservation 
5. Social aspects 
Trade, sale and control 
The therapeutic effect of biodynamic farming 
Land ownership 
6. Looking to the future 
Research into quality 
Research into breeding and seed production 
Practical research 
Economic considerations 
Regulations and government intervention 
A growing understanding 

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