Magic Wool Mermaids, Fairies and Nymphs Through the Seasons

by Christine Schäfer

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Unspun sheep's wool, also known as magic wool, is a soft, vibrant material, perfect for making fairies and characters to suit every season.

Inspired by ancient tales, myths and festivals, Christine Schäfer gives detailed instructions for a range of wonderful seasonal projects. From fluffy Easter bunnies through to shimmering mermaids and magnificent King Winter, this book will spark your imagination and kick-start your creativity.

The book includes step-by-step instructions, colour photographs and diagrams, making it suitable for beginners as well as those who have some experience of needle felting.

ISBN: 9781782500384
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 20.6 x 22.6 x 1.4cm
Weight: 480 grammes

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