The Mystery, Biography and Destiny of Mary Magdalene

Sister of Lazarus John and Spiritual Sister of Jesus

by Robert Powell


There are many conflicting views on Mary Magdalene, from the early church's focus on her as a sinner, to her incarnation in Dan Brown's infamous novel. Through all the theories and distortions, the reality of her life and mission is still largely unknown. In this concise book, Robert Powell sifts through the stories to uncover the true Magdalene, whom he finds in the work and visions of an eighteenth century German nun and mystic, Anne Catherine Emmerich. In particular, he describes Mary Magdalene's remarkable relationship with her siblings Lazarus and Martha, and controversially links Lazarus with the author of the gospel of John. 

ISBN: 9781584200581
Publisher: Lindisfarne Books
Format: Paperback

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