Turned Upside Down

A Workbook on Earth Changes and Personal Transformation

by Marko Pogacnik

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Marko Pogacnik is an experienced lithopuncturist, or 'landscape-healer'. Through his work, he is attuned to the different planes and dimensions of the Earth, and in the late 1990s he became aware that the Earth had initiated a self-healing process. In fact, he argues, the Earth is undergoing an intensive inner transformation: the physical earth is changing.

In this remarkable book, Pogacnik describes what we can expect in this period of dramatic change, and how to prepare ourselves to deal with it. He presents simple exercises and meditations which will not only help us to survive and adapt, but will help the Earth realise its full potential.

Table of Contents


  1. It's Time to Change: Renew Your Life! 
  2. The Fundamental Causes Leading to the Catastrophe of September 11 
  3. After the Catastrophe: Humanity's New Inner Organization 
  4. February 2002: The Decisive Somersault in Etheric Space 
  5. After the Somersault: The Rushing Torrent of the Great Purification 
  6. The Consciousness of the Earth Organizes Anew Its Plane of Feeling 
  7. The Next Goal of the Processes of Change 
  8. The Present State of Affairs 

Appendix: Overview of the Exercises

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