Life As Energy

Opening the Mind to a New Science of Life

by Alexis Pietak


To many modern scientists, a living thing is not significantly different from a lifeless object, and is to be understood in terms of its basic parts (genes and molecules). So while science has given us many wonderful things, it has also taken something essential away: our ability to seriously consider life as a unique form of energy. Alexis Pietak, an exciting new scientific thinker, argues that the 'livingness' of a life form is a very real kind of energy which must be recognized along with other kinds of energy such as heat and light. In this book she builds an entirely new, holistic and rational science of life which could enhance our understanding of individual life forms, ecological systems, and even human sustainability on our planet. This is an original and groundbreaking book which highlights a crucial missing element in mainstream science.

ISBN: 9780863157974
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback