The Brotherhood of the Shadows

Hidden powers of opposition, and how they work

by Heinz Pfeifer

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Today there is widespread scepticism towards what is communicated in the media, and many people try to look below the surface for more plausible-sounding information. Starting on this level, a determined quest for the truth can reach through various outer layers to the realm known as the "occult". In addition to the forces for good that are active in this realm, there are powers at work whose aim it is to create obstacles to human development. We owe to Rudolf Steiner, who was able to carry out spiritual investigations in the sphere of the "occult", many insights, also into these forces of hindrance and their working through institutions and individuals in the political, economic and cultural spheres. Pfeifer's book provides a wealth of well‚Äźdocumented material on activities behind the scenes and introduces readers to a method called by Steiner "historical symptomatology", without which it is, so he said, impossible to penetrate behind the "fable convenue" of history and of events in modern times.

Translation of the 4th, completely reworked, German edition (2010)

ISBN: 9783906712444
Publisher: Unknown Publisher
Format: Paperback