Seven Archangels

by Emil Pales

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At a time when even high church officials no longer conceal the fact that their belief in angels has ceased, there has been a surprising turn of events: scientific research brings us a wealth of proof that the medieval teaching about angels was right after all. Creative personalities throughout history have drawn inspiration from mysterious depths of soul - and they have captured simultaneously, and across the whole world, the same aesthetic, philosophical, religious and constitutional impulses. Regardless of whether they are atheists, Christians or Native Americans, they have given accounts of identical or similar inner revelations. These revelations correspond to the traditional archetypes, angels, and deities and in history they alternate in a cyclical chronological order that was still known to medieval Christian and Arabic scholars and which has been handed down from the treasury of ancient Babylonian temple wisdom.

The conclusion of the Bratislavian mathematician and sophiologist Dr. Emil Pales is clear: angelology was not a speculation! This follows from a more than 15-year-long complex research into waves of creativity in history, using exact methods of mathematical statistics. Expert opponents have had the wind taken out of their sails and the church is ill at ease. Age-old wisdom has taken wing and risen like a Phoenix from the ashes, rejuvenated and more radiant thanever before. - from the dust cover of a new book in English on Angelology titled, Seven Archangels: Rhythms of Inspiration in the History of Culture and Nature by Dr. Emil Pales, a research fellow in the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava and founder of the Sophia foundation which he has led since 1994.

ISBN: 9788096804597
Publisher: Sophia (Bratislava)
Format: Hardback