Dolor del Dolar

A financial or a cultural crisis?

by Monica Oliva


A research of money in the time of the awakening of the "homo economicus" based on conscious egoism. There is an imbalance between economy and culture in that finances have taken the lead, growing stronger since the 2008 crisis. The present work examines the symptomatological-historical meaning of the change from barter economy to monetary economy to credit economy in which debt, with its complex processes of interests, becomes money. The so-called 'debt-cracy' does not live in the present but is instead the indebting of all future human beings. It advances parallel to uncontrolled human egoism and the fight to penetrate into the unconscious level of the human will which socially corresponds to the realm of economy. At the same time the crisis furthers an awakening - of course at different levels of consciousness - to observe the actions of evil in our times. The ideas of Rudolf Steiner's threefold social organism and the "New Social Order" provide a ground for the search for a healthier social life.


ISBN: 9781300809456
Publisher: Unknown Publisher
Format: Paperback