The Wisdom of Teeth

Dentosophy – A Gateway to Health

by Michel Montaud


What if our teeth are a reflection of who we are? What if dental problems such as toothache, decay and malpositioning illustrate the deep functioning of our true self? What if, by harmonizing our mouths, we could allay many of our physical and mental ills?

After years of dental practice, Michel Montaud made a breakthrough that would change his life and work completely. Without being fully conscious of what he was doing, he engaged in a dental therapy which would prove to be remarkably effective, going beyond the simple framework of mouth and teeth to extend to the human being as a whole. This guided self-therapy, which he refers to as Dentosophy, is a true alternative to the drastic measures of extraction, surgery and orthodontics. From personal experience, the author states that this approach can even remedy ailments such as chronic rhinitis and otitis, eczema, allergies, asthma, back problems and sleep disorders.

Montaud describes his personal journey of discovery, initially to help his suffering son. Now, after decades of experience and numerous eloquent clinical results, he demonstrates that this human-based approach to our mouth and teeth can stimulate, at any age, the extraordinary healing potential of our bodies. With case studies and supporting photographic evidence, he shows that Dentosophy improves the general health of patients, both physical and mental. This illustrated and accessible book offers an exciting new perspective on our teeth and their innate wisdom.

ISBN: 9781912230488
Publisher: Temple Lodge
Format: Paperback