An Overview of Breathwork

by Gunnel Minett

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-- Reflects a growing interest in breathing techniques through yoga and Tai Chi -- Provides a comprehensive, historical overview of breathwork -- Not tied to one particular technique or method The way we breathe has deeper consequences than is often perceived, and there is a spiritual side to breathing which has been known throughout human history. Exercises such as yoga and Tai Chi are reintroducing some of this knowledge to the Western world.

This is a comprehensive overview of the role of the breath, or 'breathwork', for physical and psychological wellbeing. Gunnel Minett places breathwork in its wider context, giving a detailed account of its value and uses. She contrasts different breathwork techniques, and also compares ancient knowledge with the most current Western research. She shows how it is possible to use the breath to achieve positive changes for body and mind. Some simple breathing exercises are included as a first step towards awareness of better breathing.

This book is ideal for use on breathwork courses around the world, or as a broad and valuable introduction to the subject for the general reader.

ISBN: 9780863154645
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback