Storytelling with Children

by Nancy Mellon


Telling stories awakens wonder and creates special occasions with children, whether it is bedtime, around the fire or on rainy days. Encouraging you to spin golden tales, Nancy Mellon shows how you can become a confident storyteller and enrich your family with the power of story. Children love family storytelling and parents can learn this practical, magical art. Here are methods, tips and resources to enable you to: Create a listening space Use the day's events and rhythms to make stories Transform old stories and make up new ones Bring your personal and family stories to life Learn stories by heart using pictures, inner theatre, walk-about, singing the story and other methods Find the tale you want from Nancy's rich story-cupboard.

Nancy Mellon is a storyteller who teaches the healing art of storytelling. She runs a School for Therapeutic Storytelling and lives in New Hampshire

ISBN: 9781903458082
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Format: Paperback