How Humanity Came Into Being

The Evolution of Consciousness

by Martin Lockley


How Humanity Came into Being is our story -- the collective story of all humankind. Life, from its earliest days, is a constant exploration of our physical, emotional, mental and ultimately spiritual relationship with the world. It is no wonder, then, that we ponder the perennial questions: where did we come from? What is our destiny as a species? Why the miracle of consciousness, self-awareness and the agony and ecstasy of existence? Why do we have a sense of order, morality, purpose, and even intimations of the divine?

This unique and remarkably readable book explores such questions of existence. The authors present a fascinating journey through our anthropological history, including art and science, linguistic, spiritual and other cultural innovations; in short, all things that make us a unique species. Drawing on the latest research and ideas, they go on to show that we are poised at an evolutionary turning point as human beings move towards a collective awakening. For anyone interested in human consciousness, this book is an important signpost, indicating the way forward.

ISBN: 9780863157325
Publisher: Floris Books
Format: Paperback