The Eye of the Needle

His Life and Working Encounter with Anthroposophy

by Bernard C.J. Lievegoed

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Bernard Lievegoed led a creative life as a psychiatrist, a pioneering doctor working with children with special needs and a management consultant who founded the NPI Institute for Organisation Development. His books such as "Phases", "Man on the Threshold", "Towards the 21st Century" and "Developing Communities" reflect his wide ranging interests. How did Lievegoed combine such profound inner, spiritual research so productively with his pioneering social, medical, educational and management work? This question led Jelle van der Meulen to interview Lievegoed.

This book presents a picture of the dynamics between inner and outer worlds, and of Bernard Lievegoed's ability to work with these dynamics. Personal questions are explored, such as Lievegoed's up-bringing in Indonesia, and the war years in Holland. He also looks to the human and spiritual challenges in the coming years.

ISBN: 9781869890506
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Format: Paperback

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