Water Sound Images

The Creative Music of the Universe

by Alexander Lauterwasser


Inspired by the work of Ernst Chladni and Hans Jenny in cymatics, Alexander Lauterwasser has produced a book of stunning imagery showing the effects of sound in water. In the eighteenth century, Chladni developed the technique of drawing a violin bow across a metal plate of sand and observing the patterns that formed. In this book, Lauterwasser extends the idea to more complex and moving sounds in water, ranging from pure sine waves to music by Beethoven, Stockhausen and overtone chanting. The results have been beautifully photographed and provide remarkable insights into natural patterns in our world.

Extent: 176 pages

Size: 220 x 248 mm

Illustrations: 240 colour photographs

ISBN: 9781888138092
Publisher: Macromedia Press
Format: Hardback