A living physiology

Lectures and essays

by Karl Konig


This unexpectedly popular book, we believe, is the first books in English to delve into Steiner's unique ideas on both the twelve senses and the seven life processes. 'The Circle of the Senses', 'The Four Lower' and 'The Three Higher' senses detail the inner experience and organ of each of the twelve senses, the effect on the self and the aberrations, developmental handicaps and fundamental soul experiences for each sense. 'The Seven Life Processes' are related to the senses, ethers, planetary spheres, endocrine glands and pathologies. 'The Temple of our Existence' builds on the second coming of Christ in the realm of the etheric and the four kings in Goethe's Fairy Tale. König describes the cosmic evolution, embryological development and psychological development of the four meteorological organs – the heart, bladder/kidney, liver and lungs.

ISBN: 9781897839089
Publisher: Unknown Publisher
Format: Paperback

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