Medicine and Mysteries

by Walter Holtzapfel

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In the distant past, the physician was also a priest, performing his dual tasks in temples and mystery centers. Medical knowledge was held in mystery wisdom. Over the ages, medicine gradually lost this depth of knowing and today we see it in crisis. The mysteries out of which ancient physicians gained their wisdom no longer exist. However, through a single book, Fundamentals of Therapy, by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman M.D., (also available from Mercury Press) access is provided for interested doctors to return to the truth. Dr. Holtzapfel shows how Fundamentals of Therapy introduces modern initiate medicine. Looking back upon ancient practices and wisdom, he demonstrates that old processes of initiation are revealed now, not in the hidden mystery sanctuaries, but in the open light of day, accessible to all.

ISBN: 9780929979366
Publisher: Mercury Press
Format: Paperback

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