Beyond Biotechnology

The Barren Promise of Genetic Engineering

by Craig Holdrege


In 2001, the Human Genome Project announced that it had successfully mapped the content of human DNA. Scientists, politicians, and pundits speculated about what would follow, conjuring everything from the nightmare scenario of state-controlled eugenics to the vision of engineering full disease resistance into newborn babies. Such predictions continue to influence public opinion and policy. "Beyond Biotechnology: The Barren Promise of Genetic Engineering" distinguishes between the hype and reality of genetic engineering and guides readers toward a proper understanding of the relationship between science and nature.

Authors Craig Holdrege and Steve Talbott evaluate and critique the current state of genetic science and examine potential applications in areas such as agriculture and medicine. The authors contend that the popular reductionist view of genetics lacks an understanding of the ways that genes work together in organisms and that this view leads to unrealistic expectations and, ultimately, disappointment.

Written for lay readers, "Beyond Biotechnology" provides a solid introduction to the complicated issues of genetic engineering and its potential applications.

ISBN: 9780813192567
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
Format: Paperback

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