A Holistic Approach

by Dr Marga Hogenboom

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Educating and caring for an autistic child is a severely difficult task, too often associated with frustration and disappointment. As a result, autism is widely assumed to be a condition which places the child's inner development beyond the reach of parents and carers. The books challenges this assumption, quoting case studies where curative education based on a holistic approach has resulted in marked improvements in the autistic individual's behaviour and social integration. With an extended holistic programme, the autistic child comes to discover inner self-awareness and self-recognition, leading to first steps in relationships and social skills. The authors describe in detail their own practical experiences with these therapies, as well as the findings of other experts in the field to back up their discoveries. Well-researched and movingly written in its personal case histories, this book has an essential message for all those involved in the care and education of autistic children.

'I would recommend this excellent well-researched book be on the bookshelf of every curative educator, therapist and doctor who is attempting to understand and care for those individuals who suffer from autism.'
Jean Brown, Anthroposophical Medical Newsletter

Edition: 3rd edition;

ISBN: 9781782500001
Publisher: Floris Books
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