Last Night of Ramadan

by Maissa Hamed


The Last Night of Ramadan is for children and their families who wish to understand and learn about Islam and the Muslim culture through Islamic celebrations throughout the year. This book focuses on the Holy Month of Ramadan and the traditions associated with it.

The story of the Last Night of Ramadan entertains as it unveils the significance of Ramadan and Eid El Fitr and the traditions associated with them. Children's imaginative powers can be further enriched when the events unfold through the beautiful medium of a puppet show - something parents can enjoy creating with their children and teachers can create for a primary school context. It is especially important today for both Muslims and non-Muslims to develop a factual understanding of Islam - knowledge devoid of misconceptions - and to understand the reasons behind Islam's broad appeal.

Written primarily for non-Muslim children and their families, the Enjoy Islam series is also an excellent means of reinforcing what Muslim children may already know about their faith. As children read The Last Night of Ramadan, will sense traditions and moral values that Islam shares with other religions, such as the importance of the family, respect toward older family members, and the special place afforded to mothers. The illustrations in this unique book for children brings to life this important time of the yearly cycle for Muslims around the world.

ISBN: 9780880105866
Publisher: Steiner Books
Format: Hardback