Water, Electricity and Health

Protecting yourself from electrostress at home and work

by Alan Hall

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This book is a must for anyone working in health, biodynamics and research into electrosmog. It shows how biodynamics can be applied to counter the harmful effects of electro-magnetic fields. It also shows how to reduce electro-stress and increase energy in everyday life. New light is cast on the secrets of water, life and electricity, so that you can understand more about the effects of electromagnetic fields.

Electrostress is now pervasive. Symptoms can range from fatigue, tension, poor resilience, to insomnia, weak immunities and illness. Houses near pylons and transformers are hard to sell as a result-as people see the ill effects. But whilst scientist accept electrostress, nobody has yet discovered just how electromagnetic fields cause ill health. When physicist Alan Hall found that underground ware courses linked a stricken home to nearby power cables, he advised the family to move. They soon recovered their health and resilience.

Water, Electricity and Health analyze the nature of water as the bearer of life, and as the carrier of death. His major discovery of biodynamic fields is applied to countering the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields.

ISBN: 9781869890940
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Format: Paperback