In The Belly Of The Beast

Holding Your Own in Mass Culture

by Sevak Gulbekian


In this intelligent and constructive book, Sevak Gulbekian reveals the hidden forces operating within mass culture that seek to manipulate us. These forces, he says, depend on our being unaware of their existence. Sevak therefore suggests ways in which we can cultivate our intuitive and analytical senses to see beneath the surface, so that we can be aware of the undercurrents in contemporary culture and not be dragged along by them. To illustrate what he means, he takes us through various news stories such as the tragedy of Princess Diana, the story of Malcolm X and the case of Mary Bell, demonstrating how to tease apart the various layers of ?reality' and how to get at the truth within. Faced with such disturbing reports in the media, spiritual people are often tempted to retreat into a more meditative way of life. However, as Sevak shows, there is another way. We can engage with contemporary culture, using all the spiritual wisdom we have acquired, and thereby help to transform evil into good.

ISBN: 9781571743053
Publisher: Clairview Books
Format: Paperback