Early Childhood Education and the Waldorf School Plan

by Elizabeth Grunelius

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Living with and working to apply Rudolf Steiner's principles has made it possible to develop methods for arranging a nursery and a kindergarten as places where children can freely develop within their own world, delivered from the impact of certain harmful influences of our highly intellectual age. These methods have proven themselves a real answer to the needs of very young children. They are applicable anywhere, as they are based on what is universally and fundamentally human.

Topics addressed:

  • Principles for the Education of Pre-School Children;
  • Activities in Nursery and Kindergarten;
  • The Child at Home;
  • The Layout of a Kindergarten;
  • Equipment Indoors; Equipment Outdoors;
  • Selected Quotations

Elizabeth Grunelius was asked by Rudolf Steiner to open a kindergarten class in 1920 at the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Germany, when she was about 25 years old and a graduate of a teacher training course.

Waldorf Curriculum Series

ISBN: 9780945803188
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner College Press
Format: Booklet