The Bremen Town Musicians

A Grimm's Fairy Tale

by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm


This classic fairy tale by the brothers Grimm is beautifully illustrated by Hsin-Shih Lai. Hsin-Shih Lai was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Her mother loved all the arts and sent Hsin-Shih to a painting and drawing teacher when she was 4 years old. Since then, Hsin-Shih has not stopped painting. She went on to study painting and industrial design at the National Taiwan Academy of Art. After working for a while as a freelance illustrator, she met Anthroposophy and, in 1999, moved to the U.S., where she Completed her eurythmy training in 2004. Hsin-Shih now lives in Spring Valley, New York, and works as an illustrator and performs with the Eurythmy Spring Valley touring group.

ISBN: 9780880105835
Publisher: Steiner Books
Format: Hardback

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