Nutrition and the inner sense of giving

The Spiritual Meaning of Food

by Heinz Grill


Here is a book with a different approach to the many contradictory theories and recommendations about nutrition. It teaches us how to develop a feeling for food and sense its nature for ourselves. The thoughts in these chapters are intended to accompany our own exploration of different foods as we observe them, taste them and build a relationship to them. Instead of overloading our heads with yet more facts, we can open our hearts with a new kind of sensitivity. As we develop our own inner perceptions about nature and the different foods it offers us, our souls are nourished as well as our bodies.

The words themselves are food for the soul. On reading them we feel touched in an inner place - a place from which we can feel deep appreciation and gratitude. This is the inner sense of giving. We no longer need to put our own health at the centre but instead can focus on developing a giving relationship to the various foods themselves. As our own inner wisdom grows, the many contradictions which arise from purely scientific thinking can be resolved.

ISBN: 9783935925532
Publisher: unknown
Format: Hardback